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life lovers magazine 2023 | Know yourself

March 2023

Life Lovers Magazine

Life Lovers Magazine

Life Lovers Magazine is your monthly travel guide to all the inspiring places, experiences and bucket-list activities this great world has to offer. Including work and mindfulness tips, recipes, and music and film reviews. 
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by and for travel lovers like yourself |
↠ Connecting empowered women who want to share their stories ↞

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Life Lovers' audience is smart, funny, creative and curious about the world around them. We love to travel and respect our earth and animals as much as we care for our mental health. If you’d like to reach this amazing audience, and benefit from their incredible engagement and support to Life Lovers Magazine, we have effective solutions across multiple platforms, including the print and digital magazine, website, social media and more! Contact us by email↠

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The Magazine

Each month, amazing women share their real and inspiring travel stories to empower you to get out of your comfort zone. New issues come out every 15th.

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Online courses

Take your dreams and goals to the next level and join us on our fun courses.

Let's walk together on the trail towards becoming more sustainable, abundant, vegan, productive, in peace with our selves and, all in all, a happier traveller.

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