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Our Story

Life Lovers magazine is a platform for women to tell their stories and share their experiences while empowering others in the process.


We want to inspire women to be more confident to travel and live life on their own terms while getting out of their comfort zone and enjoying the little things.


Gabby founded LLM in January 2021 when she realised how much travelling had changed her life and given her new eyes to love and see the world. 


She felt that all through her years travelling, she had met so many fascinating people with such entertaining stories, helpful advice and inspiring experiences that they had to be shared.


Then, her background in journalism, with her love for magazines, did the rest. She felt that current magazines didn’t speak to her, as their content wasn’t as relatable as she would love to read in a publication.


And so the first seed was placed. Then, she started sharing the idea with her best girls and quickly found women who were convinced and willing to jump on board, motivated to share their personal experiences, most of the time written even in their second language!


And although stories are the soul of Life Lovers, its design and visual aspects are its heart. And this dream wouldn’t have been possible if not for the designer behind the beautiful pages of our Magazine, Bárbara.


Let us introduce you to the rest of the beautiful souls that connect from all over the world to make Life Lovers Magazine:

Meet The Team