• Myrto

A fashion Journey to sustainability

Wondering how can I be more sustainable in fashion? How to transform yourself from a fast fashion junkie to a conscious consumer. Here is everything you need to know to get on the sustainable fashion ride and dress for our planet, too.

Like many of us, I used to own a lot of clothes. And when I say a lot of clothes, I mean four to five wardrobes full of clothes, most of which I have barely ever worn. From tank tops in every single color and pattern, to an excessive number of dresses for every unimaginable occasion you can think of. My wardrobes were full of clothes I didn't need and, sometimes, I didn't even want.

Although I owned all different kinds of clothes, they all had something in common: they came from fast fashion brands. I was buying new clothes almost every single week; I would spend countless hours scrolling down on ASOS, finding the best deals; and restlessly spending my leisure time in malls and sho