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Aaron Brown: the name behind Smokin’ and Grillin’ with AB

“Real Talk” with Aaron Brown & Pat Neely, is elevating the culinary culture, one episode at a time! Celebrity neighborhood chef, Aaron Brown (SmokinAndGrillin with AB) returns to the mic kicking off the fall season of his and Pat Neely’s (from Down Home with the Neely's on the Food Network) weekly podcast, “Real Talk”.

When AB Isn’t whipping up masterpieces in the kitchen, creating products for his followers to use, he’s educating us on it. And now, alongside Pat Neely (from Down Home with the Neely's on the Food Network), the two create a dynamic duo on their new podcast, “Real Talk”, discussing everything from creative channel growth, unique techniques to of course food and family!

Each episode will highlight special topics and have a special guest and, their latest episode features special guest, Carla Hall; an American Chef, TV personality, and cookbook author.

Who is Aaron Brown?

Describing himself as a family-taught chef that “simplifies recipes and takes the mystery out of cooking”, Aaron Brown is fast-becoming a grilling and BBQ legend.

Born in Los Angeles, Aaron’s journey in the kitchen started at just seven-years-old, after his mother bought him a junior cookbook and started to teach him cooking recipes from home. He attributes the success that followed this entirely to his family, saying his grandma and mother were the first people to introduce him to the world of home cooking and feel-good cuisine.

Aaron continued to whip up delicious dishes for friends and family behind closed doors for many years, until just five years ago - when he made the life-changing decision to start sharing humble cooking videos from his kitchen onto YouTube.

Fast-forward to today, and Aaron’s cooking channel Smokin and Grillin with AB has attracted over two million subscribers, boasts a huge following on social media, a podcast and his very own successful seasoning brand, The Level Up Series Seasoning A & B.

It’s this, in addition to some impressive collaborations with Laura in the Kitchen, HowToBBQRight and Pat Neely, that is rapidly cementing his position as one of the best contemporary chefs in the USA specialising in Southern Cuisine.

Despite the mainstream success with Smokin and Grillin with AB, Aaron’s content and business maintains the same goal and objective as it had from the very beginning – to serve up positivity and inspire others to embrace cooking at home.

“The thing I love most about doing what I do,” Aaron says, “is seeing someone’s reaction when they successfully prepare a delicious meal after following one of my tutorials. Food is a time machine, a talking point, and a lot of the dishes I make aim to touch the soul and hopefully help many others generate some of their own great family memories.”

Now residing in Las Vegas, the family-taught chef hopes to become an inspiration to many others around the world who have no formal education in the industry, and says it’s never too late to start your cooking journey.

So what’s next for Aaron Brown? With plans to evolve and take his cooking journey to the next level both online and in-person, followers are being asked to watch this space.

“There’s so much more that I want to do, including opening cooking premises in the USA and pushing my channel even further worldwide, to help others experience joy from cooking, in the same way that I do,” says Aaron. “Teaching others is so important to me, and continues to be my biggest priority.”

About Aaron

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