Should I put the subtitles on?

A story of what it's like to always be the foreigner


"Are you a Covid refugee?", the woman said with genuine interest, after asking me where I was from, for how long I've been here and pretty much everything but my blood type. For a second, I thought about the multiple ways that I could’ve answered such a ridiculous and rude type of question, to the nonsense itself.

In my head, I wondered how many Chileans she might've met in the past -most likely, zero. Or if this was one of those common questions in her book of "how to interact with foreigners".

"Hmm… no, definitely not. I'm currently on a Working Holiday visa, and I can go back to my country whenever I want". A quick smile, gentle moved and fucking see ya' never. Thank God she wasn't a regular at the cafe where I work.