Letter from the Editor - November 2021

November reminds us how close we are to the end of 2021. So now, when we are looking for what to read, I want to present to you Life Lover's latest magazine. An issue that gathers female stories of appreciation. That's right, this month we celebrate how far we've come. So keep reading to know why to fall in love with the following pages.

"Appreciation" is all about appreciating the process and enjoying the journey. We want to celebrate the people in our lives, the small moments, the path walked, and the time we take to stop, breathe and connect back with ourselves.

This issue invites you to appreciate where you are and where you have been, with all the good and bad. Because all those in-between moments, the rocky roads and the lows, are precisely what takes us to the highest highs, to discover ourselves and to really enjoy the present.

And oh, there's so much to appreciate! I know I do :)