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Biodanza: Learn to Connect With Yourself in a New Way

Biodanza is the poetry of encounter, its intention is to humanize medicine. It is an instrument useful for those who want to live a more humane and healthier life. In this article, we explore Biodanza further.

By María Gabriela Rojas Molina

Biodanza is a discipline that incorporates the body, which is on many occasions forgotten and opens the way for the transformation of people. It develops in an environment enriched by music, dance and human interaction.

This methodology is based on the induction of integral life experiences, by means of exercises grouped into 5 lines:

  • Vitality

  • Sexuality

  • Creativity

  • Affection

  • Transcendence

I got into biodanza when I was in a depressive stage in my life. My life had no meaning, it felt empty and colorless. With biodanza I began to connect more with my environment, value more nature, have more consciousness about everything around us, to have a healthier life enriched by simple things.

I began a great transformation process, born from experience with music, from human encounters, and from deep affection. I discovered that even though I went through many hardships and struggles, that may occur on the way, our life will always be sacred. It helped me to see more clearly the light that was always inside me.

Why our body needs Biodanza?

Because nobody teaches us to live, rather, from experience we learn, and sometimes that leaves us inevitably with emotional wounds.

Biodanza helps us to reconnect with life, and reconnect with our identity. Some of us may have wounds deep in our subconscious, which can only truly begin to heal when we have the courage to recognize them. Then, we can leave ego aside, connect again with others, and recognize our true value as human beings, capable of love and healing.

Here’s everything you need to know for your first biodanza class

First of all, you can wear comfortable clothes. Be open to receive a great affective experience, and to flow with music and be in contact with other participants. Don’t be nervous, just relax.

Be mindful that biodanza is done in silence, the reason is so that we are able to connect deep with our senses and emotions. The environment is very pleasant and gives space for human interconnection.

A biodanza class usually lasts for about 90 minutes. Each individual exercise or activity last for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, starting with a short pseudo-poetic introductory explanation, which is called “La consigna”, it is the bridge to the transformational action of the life experience (“vivencia”).

Also, for deeper biodanza classes, it is common that the biodanza teacher does the life experience story, or, “Relato de vivencia”, it is a space where the whole group can comment about how they felt in the last class, and what they felt when they did the different exercises. Also how each one can see the benefits of biodanza act in their lives, and share with others their experiences.

All the music used in biodanza is previously studied and selected by semantic music experts. All the music is organic, which means that it has lots of benefits for our health and our organism.


About María Gabriela Rojas Molina

I am María Gabriela Rojas Molina, I am 26 years old, and I am of the zodiac sign Taurus. I am a Biodanza teacher, graduated from the Escuela Metropolitana de Biodanza, Santiago de Chile. Spirituality guides the way of my life. I am very passionate about music and lyric singing, I like classic music, jazz and blues. I am currently part of a feminine chorus of women , called “Allegro Andante”, which means to walk happily, in Spanish. My favorite color is purple. I feel a great need to help others. I can help others to see what they can’t see about themselves. I am also a volunteer at Teletón, and I support diversity between human beings.


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