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Discover a Luxury Travel Club

“Imagine your dream holiday. Now add in all of your amazing new besties who will be there enjoying it with you”. This opening and catchy sentence set the tone for what Global Besties is all about. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this fascinating travel club.

By Life Lovers Magazine


We know that traveling alone can be daunting. On the other hand, sometimes our friends might not have the time or budget to plan the same trip we’ve had on our Bucket List for years and slowly and eventually, we end up postponing the whole thing.

What if we could get on a trip already perfectly planned to our dreams and priorities, where like-minded people join us and become our new best friends?

Well, that’s precisely what the Global Besties Travel Club is about. This members-only travel group organizes trips made for friends, for those with the same vibe, connecting amazing women. And best of all, all we have to do is enjoy the trip.

That’s what its founder and CEO, Jammie Moses, had in mind when she decided to found The Global Besties in 2021. This Travel Club, born in Beverly Hills, California, was inspired by her realization that she and many other women she had met, felt that existing travel clubs were missing a very important key aspect: the best friend approach. And that’s how Global Besties was born!

How does it work?

Simple! This members-only travel club pairs you up with like-minded people to visit the wildest and best locations worldwide, staying in the most luxurious places you’ve been dying to experience, all shared with a bestie. With that comes shared expenses and shared fun!

This travel club focuses on providing and getting VIP treatment to all its members, this means nothing less than five-star hotels, above-average experiences, and first-class flights.

Their team thrives on putting together the best experience for you and your besties. They do all the research and pre-trip hassle to ensure you get the best places to stay, and the best things to do are all included in the package. That way, your trip will consist of all the sights and delicacies to genuinely immerse yourself in the country’s culture.

With their network of bosses, dream chasers, game changers, influencers, and innovators, Global Besties was created for extraordinary people looking to experience an extraordinary level of fun and travel. “We have a passion for life that is contagious and so do our besties!” is their motto and how they’ve been conquering travel lovers’ hearts worldwide.

Traveling with the Global Besties Travel Club will take you to destinations like Indonesia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and more.

How to join the Global Besties Travel club?

Easy! First, head to and choose from the available plans and trips. Choose your payment method—which can also be with a payment plan through After-Pay or Sezzle—pay, and pack your bags. You’re good to go!

This travel club is proudly female-owned and founded by Beverly Hills' very own Jammie Moses. Jammie is an American Entrepreneur. To date, she has several business ventures under her belt; Global Besties Travel Club is her favorite and is most dear to her heart.

Jammie credits her interest in travel thanks to her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and studying abroad in Costa Rica. This newfound love for discovering the world and the pleasure behind traveling are what moved her to found the Global Besties Travel Club.

You can find more about Global Besties on their website and Instagram at @globalbesties. Follow Jammie on Instagram too, under @ineedJammie and her website

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About Jammie

Jammie started her entrepreneurial journey at age 14 as a hair stylist braiding hair. Her older cousin, a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, noticed her ambition and entrepreneurial curiosity, prompting him to take her under his wing and became her mentor. Fourteen-year-old Jammie quickly worked her way up to management at one of his restaurants. By age 17, she had 3 business endeavors in full swing.

During her undergraduate years in college, Jammie started her first LLC. She later gifted this business to a loved one and has since started many more. Jammie currently lives in California with her 2 beautiful children, Mario and Mariah. She spends as much time as she can traveling with her Global Besties. She is currently working on her book, expanding her creativity, and welcoming new endeavors.


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