Happiness in the depth

First minute underwater, a few meters deep. Curious batfish swam around; you can feel the warm tropical water enveloping your whole body; fizzy bubbles caressing your cheeks; your pupils dilated. You're holding your breath, astonished by what you're seeing. Then you realise. "I can breathe!". You're diving in the great barrier reef.

A mesmerising change

Back in Europe, I wouldn't have never thought I'd be teaching scuba diving at 23 years old in Australia. Who would have, really? This is the perfect example of why you should never think "this is not for me" before considering it.

Because here I am. A few dives and skill training later, and now I couldn't imagine life away from the ocean. A change so significant I never saw coming, but I'm thrilled I dare to start. So you might wonder why I would do such a thing. What's the fuss about?