Drunk touristing the Irish town

Part of my holiday plan in Ireland was to stop at the very best place where happiness is made: the breweries. One of them is Kilkenny under the Smithwick brand, which made my touristy day in the town a lot funnier than I could've planned.

Went to the Smithwick brewery with food resting in my belly for 4 hrs long before. After an exciting tour, I got to try out the three types of ale produced under the brand, including 2 I've actually never tasted before.

As delicious as they're, after a few minutes enjoying their free WiFi and the wonders once made by monks in that same building, my body was asking for some food.

Started a new stroll in search of a google maps stop called Kilendry Inn, recommended by my local friend Rosie. Supposedly named after a witch from back in their medieval days. Yes, Kilkenny has a long-ass history, that includes urban legends. Fascinating!