Fall in love with the other side of networking

“I know that networking is a good thing for my career, but it makes me cringe and I just can’t bring myself to do it. Please help!” – Many people, Everywhere

Historically when we think of networking, we think of walking into a big venue after work, getting our name badge and drink, then *horror* mingling with strangers!

A small proportion of people love this and thrive in such a setting. The vast majority don't. Even as a fairly confident extrovert, at times, the thought of it made me want to hide. Or have a little snooze.

I have got GREAT NEWS for you…

Let's take a step back. You are right. Networking is a good thing for career success. It is one way to increase your exposure and to become better known for what you do. According to Colman's PIE model, 60% of career success comes down to your exposure. It is far more importan