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February 2023: Letter from the Editor

The Best Kind of Love

february 2023 issue - Life Lovers Magazine

February 2021 was the first time a Life Lovers issue saw the light of day. As its founder, and still its Editor, I’m beyond proud of how far we’ve come, and how many inspiring stories we’ve been able to feature in this magazine. How much this dream that started as a project with no heads or tails, but just love for stories, traveling, magazines and female empowerment, has grown, becoming this monthly publication.

I guess you’ll be able to better judge if we’ve managed to turn those ideas into the magazine we intended it to be, but I like to believe we have (proud mama’s eyes).

I’m swelled to be a part of this and connecting with new writers every month. It still gives me chills and can feel the stomach butterflies when I tell friends and people I meet about the magazine. I can actually feel myself lighting up with excitement every time I talk about Life Lovers Magazine. To me, that has to mean we’re on the right track, right?

So, to celebrate our second birthday, we’re honoring love for ourselves. “The best kind of love” reminds us that Valentine’s Day is coming and that we should be using these commercial excuses, in a way, to turn all the love we can gather back into ourselves.

Even though this mindset should be the rule and not the exception (we know it’s not always that way), this is the no-excuse month, when the talk about love is so strongly shown everywhere that we simply can not forget to address a bit of that to us. It is the un-postponable time to receive some extra love, extra self-cafe, extra boost and, most importantly, to give ourselves that extra empowerment.

We’ve all made the mistake at some point in our lives to be so hard on ourselves, to be unforgiving, to be ironically so permissive and empowering about everyone else. But it always seems to take us longer to be the same cheerleader with ourselves.

Well, that has to stop. You have to be your biggest fan and remind yourself that self-love and taking care of our own mind, body and soul should be priority number 1. So, to help us remember to do so, in this issue we’re featuring 7 ideas for a perfect solo-date and our top picks on Self-Love Movies to celebrate Valentine's Day the right way.

Inspiring and personal stories like “Why I Chose Not to Have Children” and “Uncovering My Purpose in Japan” will fill your dose of inspiration and realization time. And, to get your daydreaming antennas out, enjoy reading “My Podcast Journey” and “Work Abroad with Workaway”.

Discover also how to “Travel to Singapore On A Budget”, the “Ten things you must do when visiting Brighton”, learn about “Vietnam: A Solo-Travelers Dream”, and explore the Top 5 budget-friendly travel destinations to travel in 2023.


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