How Facebook Groups are helping women travel safely

Before your trip, chances are you've searched your destination around the many groups you can find on Facebook. They've become an essential stop for us travellers, and especially for women doing it solo. Unfortunately, whilst safety is still a big concern, they'll remain a necessary stop.

Thankfully, communities like Solo Female Travelers are constantly working to change this reality. Helping and empowering women in so many ways, far more than what founders' Meg and Mar could've ever hoped for. Here's our story.

"I bought a cheap ticket, booked a room at a university dorm, and moved there for 7 weeks with the promise that I would call-collect my mother every evening from a public phone. And I did."

How it all started

My name is Mar Pages, and I am originally from Barcelona. I've been a solo traveller since 2001 when I decided to move to London to learn English, at the tender age of 20.