How to be a conscious consumer

Nowadays, it can be overwhelming to have a sustainable lifestyle, especially when it comes to buying a product. It's not only about how the product is made but also about how long we're going to keep it. Everything we buy has a healthy, environmental and social impact. So it's important to buy from brands or companies that we support and avoid products that do not align with our beliefs.

Often, we're swamped with different information about sustainable brands and guilt-free consumption; society and trends try to dictate what we should buy and what we shouldn't. It really influences our choices, and it can be hard to decide.

So before going through with your next purchase, ask yourself these five questions below. It really helps me when I'm buying a product, and it takes some weight off my shoulders. I know that this is the healthiest way I can buy products, and I am contributing to reducing the impact they have on our planet.

1. Will it add value to my life?