How to deal with FOMO on vacation

5 ways to overcome the fear of missing out in 2022

Hey, there, travel buddy! I hope you are exploring everything, making the most of every trip you are taking, and clicking pictures nonstop. Did I ask for too much?

Well, yes. Because even though we may feel like we can't miss out on anything, travel is not always about covering all the spots on the map but about exploring the inner you while at it. So, with the new year knocking on our doors already, let's set new resolutions with this in mind. Here are 5 things to learn how to deal with FOMO on your next trip.

Nowadays, many travellers have FOMO, i.e. the 21st century's term for anxiety or fear of missing out while travelling. They feel the compulsion to be everywhere, but of course, it's not possible.