It’s Christmas, and at Christmas you tell the truth

Letter from the Editor

Welcome December, my personal favourite month for many, many reasons, but one of them being, clearly, because it is Christmas. I’ve been lucky enough to have several fantastic Christmas that gave me infinite memories to cherish. But also, once I started travelling, I got to experience Christmas abroad and a whole new way of celebrating the holidays.

And from all of these good moments, stored very deep in my heart, I noticed that they all share the same base. Spending a great time with the family, filled with love, food and gifts.

Even when living in a hostel among hundreds of strangers, it had the same essential elements. That travel family became my family; their food from all over the world became my Christmas dinner, and the gifts have always been there. But I don’t mean material things –although I do, of course, receive and give them every year–, I mean the memories, the pictures, the laughter, the souvenirs, the handmade gifts and food, and more.