Joy as your compass

Motivation tips for when we feel lost

Nowadays it's common to feel a bit out of place, all things considered. But let's not forget that this current world situation –as messy as it can be– it's also one full of opportunities for new challenges and growth. It's all already inside us; we just got to learn to listen to it and let it guide us.

Whatever obstacles you're seeing in your life at the moment, remember you're not alone. With or without a pandemic, we're trained to follow specific steps in life for us to be happy and, sometimes, those rules simply won't do the trick for everyone the same way.

Unfortunately, the same training also taught us to follow them, regardless of whether it makes us happy or not. This, honestly, is the saddest part and I want to ask you not to do it.

In reality, many of us were faced with rethinking our lives this past year, adapting to a new scenario, which can be terrifying.