Life changing trips

Letter from the Editor

From time to time, we all experience a trip that stays with us forever. A journey that ended up becoming much more than that and creating a before and after in our lives. This month we want to highlight the magic behind life-changing travel.

For some, it can be your first solo trip; for others, the 10th one. It doesn’t really matter how often you do it. What matters is that one journey can create a before and after for us. A before and after your love for travelling; a before and after you discover self-love or any other meaningful realization you got from it, and embrace the powerful connections that arise as a result.

This month, our two features from The Journey share a powerful story and a perspective-change kind of trip. Starting with how nature and immersing yourself in a place that is powerful and magical in some way can make you realize so much in just a couple of days, like what happened to our girl, Alexis, in Yosemite National Park.

For Nicky, it was during his walk along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela that she reached that before-after point. She carried all of her emotional baggage and learned to literally put it on her feet to use as a stimulus to help her have the strength to walk for 30 days in Spain.

You’ll find these and all our articles emotional but in such an enriching way. I really hope you’ll feel connected to them as they do to you whilst sharing their very personal stories.