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September 2022: Letter from the Editor

Living Life My Own Way

Dear Life Lovers,

Welcome to September, my second most beloved month of the year. September means spring for the Southern Hemisphere (where I am originally from), and a most awaited breeze after the hot summer we had in the Northern Hemisphere.

On this side of the world, it also means going back to school and returning to work life, reconnecting with our 2022 goals that were left on hold during the summer months, and to our amazing friends and loved ones. Yes, I guess I do love September.

All these transitions, moves, changes of habits and new experiences can be overwhelming when we dive into them headfirst and at high speed, as if our lives depended on them. So, we’ve gathered 12 stories from our amazing Life Lovers writers that shows us how to adapt and live experiences in our own way.

For some, that means slow travel, taking the time to love ourselves as we are and, for others, will mean embracing the job we love and taking it around the world as a digital nomad because we refuse to sit in an office.

“Living it my own way” celebrates these unique ways of seeing things and experiencing new scenarios, adapting them to our dreams, to our personality and, simply, to whatever we want at that time.

Because there’s no right or wrong in any of them, it’s all about how it feels, what is better for us and what makes us happier and pushes us to thrive.

The September-October 2022 issue will also show you the highlights of places like Marseille in France and Estes Park in the US; teach you how to greet in different countries around the world, showing us how each culture has its own peculiar way of doing things. And, why solo travel should be on every creative soul’s bucket list.

Learn how to write your own affirmations to make it the perfect fit for you, and discover what is really Tantra and why you need it in your life. Plus, a delicious pastry recipe and the best sustainable way to store them after, and the movie you want to be watching while you enjoy all of it, "Everything Everywhere, All at Once". Reading this issue will be an amazing moment, and I know you’ll absolutely love it.

Happy Spring and Autumn!


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