Living with all of our senses

Travelling is amazing for so many things that go way beyond just seeing a new place, a specific mountain or historic landmark. It's all about appreciating something new, exploring and taking it all in entirely with your senses. It's about the feelings and experiences that come with it.

So, to honour this and, in times of limited travelling –to say it in a way that doesn't sound too depressing –we use our main feature to talk about just that. And the best part is that it comes with pretty useful tips on how to recreate that feel in everyday scenarios and, especially, when touristing in your own city. So we can feel like we are travelling again.

It's also a big part of travelling to connect with people, even though now it is trickier. We believe it's an even more perfect time to find out what is possible to do now, which countries are open and simply connect with other people who have already been through what you're about to start.

And for this, Facebook Groups have become a massive first step to travelling, specialing to do it solo. Check out the feature written by Mar Pages, the co-founder of Solo Female Traveler's. She shares her experience travelling for 20 years, what moved her to start this community and how safety is still the biggest concern for women about to start a solo journey.