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Living Your Best Life with Less Plastic

We all strive to do our best for ourselves and our families each and every day, and our planet should receive the same love and attention. So, this month, join the plastic free movement, make the pledge and make a difference. Let’s have a great Plastic Free July!

By Alexis Cannella


Plastic Free July is a global movement hosted by the Plastic Free Foundation. It helps millions of people every year reduce their plastic waste and become part of the plastic pollution solution. Join over 100+ million people from over 190 countries actively pledging and participating to reduce their plastic consumption.

Every day is a chance for us to make a better choice for ourselves, our community, and our planet. As Anne-Marie Bonneau has beautifully put it, “ We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” So join me as we pledge to be plastic free and make more conscious decisions to reduce our plastic consumption this month.

31-Day to live Your Best Life with Less Plastic

Day 1 - July 1: Take the Plastic Free Challenge and be part of the plastic free solution

Day 2: Find and follow diverse Eco Warriors, like Ashley Nsonwu and Dr. Anita Vandyke on social media to inspire your own plastic free sustainability journey.

Day 3: Bring your own reusable bags when shopping and keep them in your vehicle so you never forget them.

Day 4: Go an entire day without using tissues or paper towels. Use a washcloth or hand towel to clean up messes.

Day 5: Say no to plastic straws when eating out.

Day 6: Find a plastic-free alternative to something you need. For example, instead of purchasing a new shampoo bottle, try a plastic-free shampoo bar instead.

Day 7: Ditch plastic bottles and invest in a reusable water bottle. It is easy to clean, no microplastics will accumulate in your water, and it will last you years!

Day 8: Bring your own reusable mug to your favorite coffee shop.

Day 9: Repurpose items you are going to throw away. Chances are you can give that plastic container a new life and purpose instead of it going into the landfill.

Day 10: Bring your own reusable utensils on a picnic or while traveling.

Day 11: When flying, reduce your plastic consumption by bringing your own headphones and plastic-free snacks, like fruit.

Day 12: Go second-hand shopping for clothes and house goods.

Day 13: Repair something that is broken instead of purchasing brand new and replacing it.

Day 14: Give the gift of an experience to friends and family for birthdays or holidays.

Day 15: Host a community clean up to clean up around your neighborhood or at a beach.

Day 16: Challenge your favorite restaurant to reduce their plastic consumption or ask how they are actively reducing their plastic consumption.

Day 17: Make your own cleaning solutions and homemade facial scrubs and store them inside reusable containers.

Day 18: Ditch your plastic razor and invest in a safety razor.

Day 19: Pack your own meals for school, work, or for picnics in reusable containers and save on money and plastic take-out containers.

Day 20: Chew plastic free gum or say no to gum.

Day 21: Make a plastic-free meal. Follow chefs, like Chef Priyanka, for epic zero-waste and plastic free recipes.

Day 22: Invest in small, local businesses dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and plastic consumption.

Day 23: Switch up your dental hygiene by switching to bamboo toothbrushes and toothtabs.

Day 24: Are you a tea lover like me? Find your favorite tea in loose leaf form and enjoy!

Day 25: Start your own mini garden and regrow your own food. It will save you money, reduce your unnecessary plastic consumption, and it will taste better than any store bought food item.

Day 26: Think twice before you buy. Do I really need this? Can I make this at home? Will this last me a long time?

Day 27: Refuse plastic bags wherever you go.

Day 28: Use compostable or biodegradable dish scrubbers.

Day 29: Avoid using plastic wrap to cover your leftovers. Instead, use bees wrap covers or your own reusable storage containers.

Day 30: Say no to menstrual pads and tampons and invest in a menstrual cup.

Day 31: Reuse glass jars and repurpose them. Turn them into utensil holders, ingredients or spice jars, paintbrush holders, etc.

**This calendar was inspired by the Plastic Free July movement and is a way for you to dive deeper into your sustainability journey.

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