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March 2023: Letter from the Editor

Know Yourself

March 2023 Know Yourself - Life Lovers Magazine

Hello, March! And welcome to Women’s history month!

As a magazine dedicated, edited, curated and owned by women, we are always excited when March comes along. Even though our work to give centre stage to women and highlight our stories, concerns and very unique and diverse realities is not something to be held exclusively during March, we do like to take this opportunity for our words to reach further and sound louder, for our voices to become stronger, and for our bonds to grow closer together.

This month, I’d like to introduce you to “Know yourself”. We believe that the key to love, success, health and overall happiness starts with understanding how important it is to create the space to get to know ourselves, experience ourselves and listen to our own thoughts, feelings, and desires.

So, opening up with “Discovering Myself on the Journey to Discover Cultural Diversity”, our cover story, I want to welcome you to this new issue and, well, to do just that, to spend some time getting to know yourself a bit better. Through this article, and just like it has happened to many of us during our travels, Deeksha shares her life-changing travel story, showing us her unique experience engaging with other cultures, which not only taught her so much about others, but it showed her a side of herself she didn’t know.

In this issue, you’ll also get close and personal (as it should be!) with your menstrual cycle, and learn how to track it. We’ll then follow Layla, a fitness coach who changed her life entirely when she gave herself the chance to know herself better. And, right after, let’s discover what are the best brewing methods for you, to kick-start your day with a homemade and just-for-you perfect cup of coffee.

And because, what better way to know oneself, to experience our own thoughts, joy, and preferences than when we travel? We’ll take you all the way to the islands of Vanuatu and to Florence in Italy, to then wrap it up with a celebration of the Persian New year and the beginning of spring with a Foodgasm’s recipe of Azerbaijan’s sweets to welcome Novruz Holiday.

I hope you love this issue as much as we loved making it.

Happy March!


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