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Meet a Fellow Life Lover

By Kim John


kim - Life Lovers Magazine

Meet Kim John

1. What’s your name?

Kim (although Kimberly if I’ve done something my mum doesn’t approve of!) and can be found on Instagram as @toffs_on_tour where I share the adventures of me and my dog, Toffee.

2. Where are you from?

I live in the Cotswolds in the UK, but actually grew up in Wales.

3. Why do you enjoy reading Life Lovers Magazine?

It inspires me to want to travel more, I realize I’ve missed out on so much but that there is so much I can do!

4. What are you passionate about? / What’s your business?

I’m passionate about writing, sharing my experiences and exploring my local area. I’m a huge advocate for small businesses and supporting sustainability.

5. What empowers you as a woman?

Having the ability to make my own choices and control the direction in which my life takes. I am the driving force of my own direction, not anyone else.


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