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Meet a Fellow Life Lovers

  1. What’s your name? Silvia Loreto Ruiz Ortiz

  2. Where are you from? Málaga, España

  3. Why do you enjoy reading Life Lovers Magazine? I love it because it is a magazine that makes my imagination fly, taking me to dreamy places through stories.

  4. What are you passionate about? | What’s your business? I run a digital marketing agency focused on health and fitness. I help them scale their business through content and social media advertising. Above all, I help them to have a digital strategy that gets results. I am lucky to be able to work on my passion and above all to have the freedom to do it from anywhere in the world.

  5. What empowers you as a woman? To empower myself, my mission is to do it through myself. By being a reference for other women that it is not only men who succeed in business. Showing them that it is possible to aim high and achieve it. Above all, that the most important work to be successful in business is to work on yourself. Working on your self-esteem, your environment, your energy, your rest. So, in my company, it is essential that half of the staff are women. This is my contribution to empowerment because I believe that there is no better example than your example.


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