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New Rideshare App Gains Acceptance All Over Bermuda

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Following the official launch of Whip Rideshare #GrabAWhip in April 2022, the revolutionary rideshare service has received loads of praise, accolades and recognition from users and customers all over the island. Before now, travelers, tourists, vacationers and residents of the beautiful Island hadn't really found transportation to be a super comfy experience. The float of Whip Rideshare was the much-needed nail in the sure place; creating a new, exciting, affordable, convenient, and fun way to get around Bermuda.

Whip Rideshare is Bermuda's first e-scooter ridesharing service, and the country’s newest form of inexpensive eco-transport. The introduction of this exceptional innovation has brought a whole new level of experience and refreshing vibe to the Island. Locals are happy and have gladly embraced Whip Rideshare because they see it as the most viable solution to reducing quality and productive time spent on the roads. The company has been taking the transport industry by storm. It is therefore not a surprise that they are presently enjoying loads of buzz and raves both online and offline.

Tourists aren’t left out. They have been fascinated and captivated by the tool and are eager to jump on the e-scooter so as to have a feel of the fun and convenience it offers. In all, the launch of Whip Rideshare has contributed immensely towards the growth of the country’s economy, especially after the pandemic, and has helped portray the Island as an example of how to be an eco-friendly and modern destination.

Suffice it to say that all these wouldn’t have been doable without the vision, creativity, experience, hard work, and professionalism of the app’s founder - Alex Fiyah Marshall. A native of Bermuda, Alex is a versatile entrepreneur as well as a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, serving as an advisor and consultant to clients such as the Bermuda Government, Shyft Network, The Commonwealth, and many others through his firm BermudaChain. He is also a renowned International Recording Artist and Executive Producer who goes by the stage name Fiyah Marshall.

Speaking excitedly, Alex said: “I am thrilled about our ridesharing app, and the positive feelers and vibes we are getting from everyone. We birthed this idea to ease traffic congestion on our roads, while also providing our customers with fun and affordable means of transportation. Looking back at how we started to where we are now, vis a vis the acceptance we have gotten from the public in a short period of time, it has indeed been surreal. I am happy, and I know our clients will continue to find satisfaction in our product/service offerings even as we make plans to replicate the same in other Islands.”

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