Oscars 2021 Special

The Best Motion picture of the Year goes to...

I remember watching movies since I was a child; the first one was Aladdin (yeah, I'm a 90's kid) and the second one, The Lion King, which made me cry every single time that I watched it. I was 4 years old, and an animated movie was able to make me feel sad through the connection with little Simba losing his dad forever.

Years later, while studying journalism, we had some classes together with filmmaking students; and I got to learn a little bit more about direction, cinematography, editing and sound mixing. My head was blown away by all the little details that are a part of the story and the whole process, but I've never noticed before, and now, all of a sudden, I couldn't ignore them.

I started to watch as many movies as possible, about every topic. Then one year (I think it was 2016), I decided to watch all the Oscars nominees in the main categories. This has become a tradition that I share with my brother and best friends. Since then, wherever I go, I try to take people with me to the cinema to enjoy the film together and talk about it afterwards. Not even joking: this is probably my favourite time of the year!

This year the list has 20 movies, and I already watched 12, including all the nominated for Best Picture of the Year. What I think about them as a non-expert film lover, and which one is my favourite to win the main category on the next 25th of April at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, is something I'll tell you in the next couple of lines.