Queen Live

Concert memories to kill live music nostalgia


On one of my last live show experiences, I had the chance to see Queen with Adam Lambert playing Freddie's role. I miss the feel but reminiscing that day always helps with the blues.

It was a rainy day in Brisbane. I bought field tickets to be closer to the band and get entirely wet for 2 hrs. The adventure itself was ridiculous, but to say that the show wasn't great would be a massive lie.

The extreme rain made it even more epic, and the sound and stage quality was just as I've dreamed of and more. Here's all about this ridiculous and memorable experience that took me to their Bohemian Rhapsody tour beginning 2020.

What do you mean Queen playing Live?

The royal band got back into touring with their newest American edition in 2012, kicking off with a European tour and then a fair few worldwide shows that started in 2014.

They made it to Australia in early 2018 when I arrived back in the country to start the second leg of my "down under" trip. Then, I had no job and thought it wouldn't be a responsible thing to spend the last part of my savings in one concert.

Very soon after I found a job and regretted that decision for a year and a half, until they announced a new tour –just after the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie. Got my tickets the day they came out and waited until that day for my dream to come through.