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The Jet Set Formula

Discover how you can start your travel business now

The Life Lovers Community shares many loves, starting with the love for travelling. But what if we told you that you could also work in this industry, gain location independence and even make an earning? In this month’s ‘Spotlight on…’ we’d love to share with you an amazing discovery that allows you to do just that. Keep reading to find out why you’ll immediately fall in love with The Jet Set Formula and how you can join.

LLM Editorial Team


The idea of mixing work and travel sounds appealing to everyone here, doesn’t it? You know, actually getting paid while enjoying one of the best things the world has to offer –travelling– and even more so when we get to be our own boss. Sounds too good to be true? We know! But before you start pinching yourself believing it could only be a dream, let us share our most recent discovery worthy of being in the spotlight: The Jet Set Formula.

The Jet Set Formula – a.k.a. your new best friend– is a method that teaches you how to build your own travel brand, giving its members commission on all travel bookings, and access to over 60 top-end travel suppliers. All, while receiving constant training to master selling and building a successful travel business as an agent.

And, the best part is that currently, Jet Set with Lorraine is looking for new travel lovers like us, to join and become a Jet Setter. We’ll tell you all about it in a moment. But first, let’s dive into what you can do as a member and what’s so special about being a part of this team.

How does the Jet Set lifestyle work?

Founded in 2019 by Leah Lockett, The Jet Set Lifestyle is a luxury travel brand and concierge platform servicing all travel lovers with a passion for that extra touch while on a trip.

As one of the UK's leading luxury lifestyle companies, The Jet Set Lifestyle Group offers carefully curated global experiences, whilst providing their clients with a unique level of luxury.

They have a dedicated team of travel advisors –like our girl here, Lorraine– who share a passion for planning and delivering the most sought-after packages and experiences. The best part? You can join an already existing elite network of industry contacts and access the world’s finest hotels at exclusive rates, unique travel options and more.

The Jet Set team knows first-hand how amazing travelling is, not only for the tourism side of things but also for our mental health and how much every trip can do for us and our overall happiness, curiosity and knowledge.

That’s why, everyone working with this team can enjoy engaging with a dynamic and multicultural team known for their professional service delivery and uncompromising attention to detail, providing first-hand travel knowledge.

How can I join Jet Set with Lorraine?

Since the beginning of Life Lovers Magazine, we’ve had the chance to meet, engage and publish stories from wonderful women from all over the world. And curiously –maybe not so much– one of the most recurrent qualities shared among us is the fact that they don’t just like travelling, but they have made it their lives.

A Life Lover is a digital nomad, a travel lover constantly on the move or on the lookout for the best deals to fill their passion for this world or someone who has just moved abroad. In every case, we know how important financial and location independence is for everyone. That’s why we knew it was key to share fascinating opportunities like this with everyone looking to gain an extra income and travel more.

Their primary focus is to attract and encourage women to encompass travel in their life and live life on their own terms while travelling the globe, and that’s why we invite you to join Jet Set with Lorraine.

This concept was created with the sole purpose of helping others to experience financial and time freedom through working online in the travel industry. “Whether you go on holiday once a year or once a month, want to use this for personal travel or to book travel for others, or even if you want this as a side hustle to earn additional income or to make it a full-time business, this opportunity will change how you travel forever”, Lorraine explains.

The membership plan gives you access to all the benefits and networks mentioned above, but it also gives you the freedom to join on your terms and timeline. There’s no contract or minimum quotas, and they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so we can book travels as often or as little as we like and cancel at any time.

As a part of The Jet Set team, you’ll get access to your own Bookings search system, book and pay in the same way you do for your current travels, but receive the commission into your bank account instead.

On top of that, we’ll get access to their training portal designed to help us and the business be successful, with destination and supplier training courses. Team chats, meet-ups, bespoke training portals, celebration calls and shouting out other people's wins are just some of the things we’ll get to enjoy when joining the business as part of the Jet Set with Lorraine.

The Jet Set formula has won 3 Magellan Awards honouring the best in travel and has also been featured in British Vogue and other media outlets. Do you want to know more and live life on your own terms?

Contact Lorraine directly through her Instagram @Jetsetwithlorraine or via email at and see for yourself.

Happy travels!


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