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Travel nurtures us

Hello, Life Lovers!

This month we have exciting news to go alongside these amazing stories written by travel lovers just like you. From July on, our digital magazine will be entirely free for all Life Lovers out there.

We want our writers' inspiring and empowering stories to get to as many people as possible and to travel north and south, reaching all dreamers looking for that last push.

For us, travelling is not just a ticket or a trip, it's an experience that our souls need. It nurtures us and boosts our energy. It's the daily dose of curiosity feed; it's everywhere and nowhere and the places that make you happy.

Travelling is the moment that puts a smile on your face no matter what kind of day you have. And we really want everyone to experience this, especially women, and even more, those of us that for too long felt scared or shy to try new things and live life according to our own terms. Because life is there for us to live it doing the things that make us happier.

Have a beautiful rest of the month, and we will see you in August! I hope you love this issue as much as we loved making it. And remember, now we can share it with all your loved ones and whomever you feel might relate or be inspired by these stories.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together.


Take care, Life Lovers!


This month we're changing our pages to a Recycled natural paper and it's so beautiful! Pre-order your hard copy here! Shipping starts end of the month.

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