Working from home

How to freelance on pandemic and survive


Here in Chile, getting a good full-time job is hard. That pretty much sums up why I became a freelance writer. For some years now I’ve been mixing office jobs and freelance work. So I am used to get things done no matter where I am. But of course, I didn’t expect a worldwide pandemic.

2020 was a big challenge in every aspect, and we all got to turn a little freelance. Since there was no other choice, we had to work from home and most of us are still trying to figure out the best method to get our brains to work like this.

How do we deal with this change of scenario? I already know how to manage a freelance job, so I put together some things I believe crucial to swim through the perks of home office. When you wanna get sh*t done

One of the things that affected me the most - and still - during pandemic, is that you can no longer go to a coffee or library to get your work done. The option was only from home, and will surely stay that way for a while. So, what is effective to do? Where should I start? First