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Women's Solo Travel Guide


Every woman can be empowered through solo travel by using our Women’s Solo Travel Guide. It teaches and guides you to be intentional in creating an experience that’s entirely your own.  

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Ready to go deeper into your solo travels or get started?

Solo Travel is expansive.

 It is breaking the norm and stepping out of your comfort zone to make the most out of the one life you have to live. 

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Traveling with others is, of course, enjoyable but, it isn’t always accessible.

Between coordinating work schedules, agreeing on a destination, picking a budget, there is so much that can mismatch. And we know how important it is to pursue our dreams, even when our loved ones can’t join.


So, we created this to help women easily get the experiences they crave on their own!

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Even if you are an experienced solo traveler, this guide will teach you how to... 
  • Be more intentional and present to be able to step into an empowered state.

  • Create a deeper relationship with yourself through introspection and reflection while slowing down.

  • Get the most out of your solo travels both externally and internally.

What users have to say:

“ I can honestly say this guide is essential for those who desperately want to step out of their comfort zone, but don’t know where to start.


It’s an interactive travel guide meets self-help workbook, to ensure you’ll not only get where you want to go… you’ll learn to embrace every moment of the journey.”

– Lauren Avila

"As someone who is an avid solo traveler, I didn’t think I needed any resources - until I came across this Solo Travel Guide!


This workbook encourages me to slow down, become introspective about my travels and allows my scattered brain a place to intentionally plan and write out my plans as well as my thoughts. I’d 100% recommend this itinerary to any female traveler!"


– Jacqueline Garrett

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Image by Lucy Joy

What's in the guide?


DECIDING: ​Why women should travel solo 

  • Let’s connect to your WHY

MINDSET: Identifying fears, addressing them, and setting intentions

  • Move through any mindsets that may be stopping you

PLANNING: Choosing your destination and planning your trip

  • Help with research, getting an itinerary together, and safety precautions

GOING: Be present, stay open, and enjoy

  • Tips to take in while you are solo traveling 

REFLECTION: Cultivating a reflection process with yourself

  • Two pages of journaling to take you deeper into your solo travels


  • We know how important it is to surround yourself with encouraging content, so we wanted to share more outlets for you to get inspired for your solo travels! 


We’ve organized the guide into five sections to practically explain how to embrace solo traveling each step of the way.

We put together everything we wish we knew when starting.

You’ll learn from the mistakes we made and no longer let fears or other people hold you back from the experiences you want.


You will be able to step into your solo travels with confidence. Thanks to what’s in this guide, we’ve been able to go all around the world solo, from closer weekend getaways to overseas adventures.


When you are confident on your own, the travel memories you can create for yourself are endless. 

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Now that you know what’s waiting for you, the choice is yours.

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